RUN at the Regional conference East Africa

Delegates from our network attended the Regional conference East Africa, which took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 10-11 February 2017.

The conference was organized and hosted by World Federation Against Drugs-WFAD to analyze the UNGASS outcome document to be able to explore ways use it to create better system around treatment and prevention on a local level. The program was consisted of three main areas;

·         Analysis of the UNGASS outcome document , what did your government promise, and how can we from the civil society use the document?

·         Prevention, UNODC has developed the International standards on Prevention, what can we learn from them? We will also have practical examples on implementation of the standards in the region.

·         Recovery; how can we enable people to move from problematic drug use to be a contributing member of society?

Chair of Recovered Users Network-  RUN, Mr Boro Goić, was one of the speakers in the area of Recovery, and he had a presentation about recovery-oriented drug policies.

The Forum gathered 75 people from the region. The second day of the conference was exclusively for WFAD members and the main aim was to explore ways to work together, it was an interactive work shop for the organizations with a wish for a closer cooperation with other members of WFAD.

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