Join us for an online event ‘Benefits and Challenges Behind Recovery Networking’

The Global Recovery Network (GRN) invites you to participate in an enlightening conversation during its 5th Dialogue Session, featuring RUN’s Chairman Boro Goic as the speaker. Mr. Goic will lead the discussion, with moderation by Michael Botticelli. This session promises to shed light on the pivotal topic of “Benefits and Challenges Behind Recovery Networking.”

Event Overview

Date and Time: Thursday, 9 May 2024, from 8 am to 9 am Washington DC Time
Format: Online Zoom Meeting
Registration: Participants can register via Zoom meeting link.
Language Support: Spanish translations will be available.

Discussion Points

Participants are encouraged to come prepared to engage in a robust discussion revolving around several key questions:

  1. Network Participation: Why should individuals or organizations consider being part of a recovery network? What benefits does it offer to its members, both on a personal and organizational level?
  2. Understanding Recovery Networking: What exactly is recovery networking? How can it align with the values and goals of your organization?
  3. Existence and Impact of Recovery Movements: Is there a broader recovery movement, and if so, what impact does it have on society and its members?

Don’t miss this chance to contribute to and learn from a vital conversation about recovery networking

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