Summary of RUN (Recovered Users Network) Meeting in Oslo, Monday 26th May 2014

RUN members from Ireland, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovinia, Serbia, Croatia, Sweden & Norway meet in Oslo recently to discuss joint actions and to take a tour of rehab facilities in Norway.

5th June 2014

On Monday 26th May, RUN members from all across Europe met in Oslo to discuss next steps of the Recovered Users Network. Discussed in the morning session was an update of the recovery research project which RUN are currently undertaking with Durham University, a briefing on recovery in drug policies and the proposed election of RUN country co-ordinators to help support the ever expanding European network for former drug users.

Informal observations were made by the group in regard to the open drug scene in Oslo, which took some attendees by surprise as it was not what many participants expected to see in Norway.The morning session was extremely productive, with many participants enthused by the preliminary research results being undertaken by Eleanor Ryan-Saha. The preliminary results will be presented at the Global Addiction Conference in Rome later this month.

The afternoon segment saw a tour of Fossum Collective, which is located 50 minutes outside of Oslo, where RUN members toured facilities provided for youth offenders. RUN members were given the opportunity to tour the facilties, as well as to ask current residents their impressions about the programme, their current attitude to drug use and how well the programme was working for them.

Fossum Collective

Summary of RUN (Recovered Users Network) Meeting in Oslo, Monday 26th May 2014To become a member of RUN, contact

Full minutes will be provided to those who attended the meeting in Oslo.


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