Recovery at the UN! EURAD attends Reconvened Commission of Narcotic Drugs in Vienna

The Reconvened Session took place last week in Vienna with important implications for the UNGASS process.

15th December 2015

Last week Member States, UN officials and civil society organisation representatives met in Vienna to make some final preparations for the UNGASS process, which will take place in New York in April 2016.

During the meeting several important decisions were taken in regard to the working modes of the UNGASS. Notably, it was decided that civil society organisations would take part in the interactive sessions of the UNGASS, with one speaker joining each panel.

In the margins of the meeting, EURAD’s network RUN – Recovered Users Network, hosted an event on the role of recovery alongside WFADDrug Policy Futures and UNODC. The event aimed to highlight the theory and practice of recovery, with EURAD’s Board Member Boro Goic giving an overview as to how the recovery community had been incorporated into the UNGASS regional consultation process.

Written by:

Mulka Nisic

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